Triple Cities Makerspace, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit workspace and education center in Binghamton, NY. With the mission to foster the creation and innovation of concepts, ideas and solutions, we provide the space, equipment, and training to our members and the public. By sharing tools, knowledge, and experience, Triple Cities Makerspace has become a hub for collaboration where individuals learn and make. In our facility high-profile designers work alongside students, retirees share their knowledge with novice builders, and entrepreneurs collaborate with hobbyists. We support educational topics related to DIY, technology, science and the arts; and seek to promote public interest in creative uses of technology through open collaboration with individuals and local institutions.

Triple Cities Makerspace started with a conversation at the food court of a local grocery store in 2012.

In three years, we have grown into a successful not-for-profit workshop and education center for the community and are an active part of the wider Do-It-Yourself and maker movements. We are a collective of people just like you. We are self-defined makers, hackers, artists, creatives, geeks and technology enthusiasts of all ages and skill sets. Our dedicated space grows all the time and provides the very best facilities for makers to tinker, create, collaborate, and innovate.

Located at 362 State St. Binghamton, NY

Triple Cities Makerspace has a new home in Binghamton, NY! We purchased 362 State Street in the spring and have renovated the unused building. We’ve recaptured the creative energy of this old print shop and it now provides the local and surrounding communities with an innovative workshop and educational center. Our resources and class offerings have expanded with this move. In addition to our wood and metalworking areas, 3D and electronics lab, we are able to offer a space for arts, crafts, and textiles, pottery kilns, and a designated classroom area. We’ve had amazing support from members and community volunteers who have donated their time and effort to making the Triple Cities Makerspace.